Kids Say the Funniest Things - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Just now Tariq had his swimming class. Alhamdulillah. 

It was a good 1.5 hours practise. 

So naturally, by the end of his lesson, Tariq was eager to go home and get his rest.

As Tariq changed from his swimming attire to his dry shirt, me and his Coach Irene Hisham had our usual chat.

Once Tariq was done, we took our bags and started walking. While we talked.

Then we stopped again in front of the pool as our conversation just got more interesting.

Tariq was getting restless so he started pulling my hand.

Mama.., can we go home now..?, he asked

Sure sayang, I answered him.

So, me and Coach started walking again. Our chat continues.

Then we reached the stairs and stopped again.

Tariq ran up and down the stairs and after a while he said, Mama.., lets go home.

Okay sayang.., I answered as we started walking again.

We took two more stops before we reached our cars.

Then me and his Coach stopped again.

While we were in the midst of an interesting topic, suddenly Tariq said at the top of his voice,
'We are going to DIE HERE!!'

I looked at his Coach, and we both burst into laughter!

OmG!! Okay Tariq.. so sorry.. lets go home.. Mama and Coach will stop talking now... so we all can go home and will not die here, okay??

Lol. Kids.