Happy Mother's Day and Happy Teacher's Day Everyone!

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Teacher's Day everyone!

As I reflect on these two special days, it dawned upon me that I am able to celebrate them because Allah has blessed me with you, Tariq.


The day you were born, I became a mommy.

And it was the day I became a different kind of teacher too, or so I thought.

As the days passed by and as you grow, I realized that I am becoming more and more of a student to you, than a teacher for you.

You have taught me patience,
You taught me how to love the little things in life,
You showed me how to laugh at life's little mishaps,
You make me learn how to love unconditionally,
You give new meaning to the phrase 'we have to be cruel to be kind',
You reminded me to stop and smell the roses,
most of all,
You make me want to be a better person.
For you. For Baba. For us.

So thank you Tariq for giving Mama a chance playing mummy to you.

And Mama thank Allah everyday for that joy you brought into Mama and Baba's life.

*This picture was taken on our way to Kangaroo Island, South Australia. You just saw dolphins swimming around our ferry. Your face just shows how excited and happy you are!