Glorious Books! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

We went to the MPH Bookerville Carnival today.

Of course Tariq was super excited!

He is just like my father when it comes to books. 

Every single time I take Tariq to a book fair, images of my dad keeps flashing in front of me.

The way Tariq checks inside the pages of every book before he decides if he wants the book is exactly like my dad.

Even though Tariq still doesnt know how to read, he will go thru the books and analyze its content using the pictures inside the book.

I guess thru the pictures Tariq can gauged if the book is interesting enough or not.

If the book makes the cut, he will put it inside his shopping bag. If it doesnt, back on the shelves it will go.

Never once Tariq asked me what those books are about.

I am always amused by his process.

My dad always reminded me. His pesan to me is that I must let Tariq choose his own books when he is ready.

Dont force down the type of books you want him to read. Let him choose.

So because of that, Tariq brought back 8 bags of books full of stories of superheroes, dinosaurs, dragon, animals fiction and cowboys!

And that gives me a good hint of what Tariq is into at this moment.


Go go power rangers! Yes, this one make the cut and got into Tariq's shopping bag

Carefully scrutinizing the book shelf... just like grandpa...

And Tariq starts stacking..

I bet Tariq creates his own version of the book using the pictures he see