Baba the Storyteller - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Whenever Tariq goes to the hospital, he will always spend some moments with his Baba.

His favourite thing to do is to take some chocolates from his Baba's Chocolate Bowl meant for Baba's patients. Lol. 

But there is another thing that Tariq loves to do.

It is to dismantle the Human Organ Model on his Baba's table.

Tariq will take out part by part, asking the organ functions. 

Alhamdulillah his Baba is a very good teacher who can make anatomy very interesting for a 6-year old. 

When Baba explains, he becomes like a storyteller. 

He not only explains the organ functions, but also the implication to the organs if we dont do our part properly.

Like for example, if Tariq doesnt chew your food properly, your stomach here have to work harder to break down your food. Kesian the stomach. That is why Allah gives you teeth. So you chew properly to help your stomach. And after that, the vitamins from the broccoli Tariq eats will enter your body from this small intestines. So if Tariq doesnt eat good healthy food like vegetables, eggs.. then small intestine has no work to do..

Lebih kurang macam tu Tariq's Baba stories goes. 

And being a General Surgeon, he has many many stories to tell Tariq.

Even Mama learn something new every time! 

Children are always curious and eager to learn. So when they ask, we must always find the time to answer. 

So, Thanks for your time Baba, and so sorry to kacau and disrupt your busy schedule.

See you at home inshaAllah! 💗

So many organs already tergolek2 on the table. Tariq's handywork!

And Baba eagerly explaining to Tariq, as usual

Baba the Storyteller, telling stories about lungs to Tariq, the eager beaver!