Amusing Sayings Kids Say - Inspirational Story as a Parent

A few days back I was sitting on the sofa and asked Tariq to help get my handbag from the table near him.

Where is it, Mama..? he asked while looking at the table. 

There.. there.. the orange bag.. it is right in front of you..., I pointed to him.

This one..? Tariq asked again to reconfirm

Yes sayang..bring it to Mama.., I told him

He took the handbag, put it beside me, walked away a few steps, turned and said to me,

Mama, you cannot buy anymore bags..!, he said with a firm voice

What..?? But why..??, Mama only have a few bags.., I said defending myself have many many bags. Too many. If Mama buy some more bags, Tariq cannot remember your bags anymore. Tariq will get very confused..!

And by just saying that, I burst into laughter.

Anak bertuah! Hahaha

Alhamdulillah and thank you for the reminder anyway, Tariq.

Mama will think think about it okay...