Tariq's Pet - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Sometime last year, Tariq asked me if he could have a pet. After much discussion, I gave him a firm NO giving a few reasons.

Then, a few weeks back as I was just parking my car, my dear neighbour, Melvin came over.

Tariq.., do you want a bird? Uncle has three birds at home and Uncle knows you like animals. So you can have one of my birds.., he said

I was just about to answer Melvin with a No, thank you when Tariq suddenly jumped up and down.

Yes, yes! I want, I want Uncle Melvin!, Tariq want a bird!, said Tariq full of joy.

Okay.. Uncle go and take the bird for you now. You wait okay.., said Melvin

That instance, Tariq turned to me, eyes sparkling so bright, smile so broad and said,

Mama!! At last!! Tariq has my own pet..!!

My neighbor came back moments later with the bird, complete with the cage, the food and the toys for the bird.

SubhanAllah the bird is indeed beautiful. It has silverly grey feather with a touch of metallic blue and green. Imagine that...

So now, Tariq has a pet he called LoveBird because that is the type of bird his pet is.

For now, I only have one thing to say..

May the bird has a long life under Tariq's care..

*as of this moment, i am still trying to instill the understanding of freedom in Tariq. And the rights of animals to live freely. And the wisdom behind 'If you love something, you set it free'. I am still not successful, so please pray for me too!