Seeking Knowledge - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Remember to build the culture and habit of seeking knowledge in Tariq. Let him see the many difference ways to learn.., said my father once while holding the then Baby Tariq in his arms

I will always remember those important words Abah.. 

So this weekend, I enrolled Tariq into the Kids Program slot at RIS Convention 2017. 

This event is super special for me because this is Tariq's very first convention!

I also bought tickets for the Family Room where Mummies and Daddies are able to watch the live feed thru the big screen while manning their little babies and toddlers.

This is also the first time Revival of Islamic Spirit (RIS) Convention is being held outside of North America.

And Tariq loves it there! He can't wait to get back into the Kids Hall after his lunch break on Saturday. And this Sunday morning, he woke up full of energy, got ready and we drove to Putrajaya for another day of fun for him

So have a great time Tariq! Mama will just be in the next hall, learning as much as you so that Baba Mama and Tariq will be continuously loved by Allah and earn His Pleasure and Blessings InshaAllah!

We made it early! Yeay!

Kids Program Itinerary. How I wish I can be in Tariq's Hall too! Ahaks!

Cute lanyard tag for Tariq's identification

First event this Sunday morning is the Karate Slot!

Icing on the cake for my martial art obsess boy!