Only Allah Can Take Your Pain Away - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Tariq had high temperature since last Sunday morning. It went off and on and off and on again. And with slight cough.

What was strange to me is that he said he also has headache.

First thing that cross my mind is that can a 6 year old really have headache? 

But as the day progresses, he started crying and holding his forehead saying it is painful there.

So we went to see his Paed, and yes he has fever with his sinus acting up. I didn't even know a child can have sinus.. ya Allah.. 

One time when Tariq was crying in pain, I said to him.., 

Sayang, Mama knows you are in pain. But instead of saying to Mama, painful, painful, when Tariq feels painful, Tariq should say Allah..Allah... because only Allah can heal Tariq.. only Allah can make your pain go away... so when Tariq are in pain, Tariq call Allah's name and say Allah Allah okay sayang..?

Okay Mama.., he answered sobbing

And since then, intermittently, I will hear Tariq calling Allah..Allah.. with his hands on his forehead and tears running down his cheeks..

My heart melts away..

A strong lesson for my 6 year old Tariq about illness and pain, blessings of health and dependence on Allah..