Have Confidence - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Today morning Tariq cut his nails on his own for the first time and I was so happy that he did.

Despite my tummy cringe thru the whole process I decided to zip my mouth so not to ruin his confidence.

Macam nie la big boy! You can do many things by yourself now.., I complimented him.

Alhamdulillah.., my heart uttered pleased with his development.

A few seconds later, he said to me,

Mama..., can Tariq have handphone like **Adam..?

Say what now..?, I asked Tariq again coz I was not sure what I heard.

Can Tariq have handphone like Adam..? Tariq repeated himself.

Omg!! Omg!! 

I am not ready for this. I thought I have at least 6 more years before I have to deal with handphone issue. 

Tariq is only 5 and half years old!


**Adam's name was change for privacy purposes.

Very focused... every time Tariq snips his nails, I bite my tongue!

Breathe Mama breathe.. He has got to learn to do it himself sooner or later!