Goodbye quarantine, Hello world! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Tariq had always wanted to ride the wheelchairs whenever we visit a hospital. 

Of course I said no, but since he is the one who is ill this time around, I let him do so.

The first time he sat on the wheelchair, there was no reaction. I guess he was too ill that day.

But yesterday during our follow up, he was actually enjoining the wheelchair.

Asking me to push him fast, then push him slow, then fast again.. and of course, wheeling himself at some point too!

I guess children can amused themselves with almost anything 

But best news for us is that,

Alhamdulillah, Tariq's Paediatrician, Uncle Dr Chin has allowed Tariq to resume all his activities. He just need to finish off his antibiotics till Sunday 

So, JazakAllah khayran and Thank you everyone for your kind duaa! 💖💖💖 and for sending your loving thoughts, wishes and TLC to Tariq! 

Only Allah can repay your kindness

Tariq is now back to his healthy-self, cheeky-self and happy-self 


Goodbye quarantine, Hello world!

Tariq with his Uncle Dr Chin. He gave Tariq one of his lego figurine in the clinic for Tariq to bring home. Super happy la Tariq. Thanks so much Dr Chin! 😍

Posing with his wheelchair. I think he thinks he looks so cool with the wheelchair!