Be a Thinking Genuis - Inspirational Story as a Parent

A few weeks back, I brought Tariq to watch his very first Jackie Chan movie- Kungfu Yoga.

During the movie, I pointed out how JC was a brilliant martial artist because he is able to use anything and everything around him when fighting his enemy.

See Tariq.., Jackie Chan doesn't even have to have any weapon in his hands. He just uses what he sees around him..., I pointed out to Tariq 

Wow..., Tariq was impressed

So you see Tariq, we don't necessarily need everything to be perfect to do something. A thinking genius like Jackie Chan will just use anything he can find to help him defeat his enemy. So Tariq also must use what you have around you when you want to do something.. do you understand, darling..?, I asked Tariq hoping that he understand this important life lesson

How did Jackie Chan become a genius, Mama..? asked Tariq

Oh, coz he loves to read books, doesn't waste time, he practice his Kungfu always..., came my 'fabricated' answered

Since then I have purchased one DVD of old Jackie Chan movie and Tariq watched it attentively.

Well, fast forward a few weeks later, Tariq decided to wear the gorgeous cape given by his Kakak Princess Umairah Syafiqah, Ibu Nur Barizah Abu Bakar and co.

And I was laughing aloud when Tariq suddenly started using his cape to melibas, chop off and face smack his imaginary enemies!

Well done Tariq!

Mama think you got the whole idea!


* I am sure he got the idea from Jackie Chan but I see his moves are still from Donnie aka Ipman in Star Wars!