The Importance of Keeping Your Promise - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Sometimes I forgot that he is just still a little (baby?) boy...

Here is the story:

One of the values I am always trying to instill in Tariq is the heavy weight of a promise. 

That's why when I promise him anything, I won't break it. Since he was a baby, a promise I make to him I will honor as how I honor a promise I make to any adult. InshaAllah.

And that's also why I don't make promises I don't intend to keep with Tariq.

So when he made a promise to me to just watch one dinasour YouTube video, I hold him to his words.

And when I found him watching the third dinasour YouTube video, I took my phone and turn my face away from him.

That's enough for him to know he has done something very wrong.

And he started crying and saying sorry again and again... until I looked at him again.

So yes...sometimes I forgot he is just a child.

But learning to keep promises as an adult starts from when you are a child...

Even if it's just a Dinasour YouTube video..