Prayers For Our Children - Inspirational Story as a Parent

As any other parents, we make a lot of duaas for our children. InshaAllah this blessed Friday morning, I am sharing one of my favourite duaa I make for Tariq... and you can change Tariq's name to your children and make this duaa yours too.. 💗

Ya Allah, I am your weak servant ya Allah. You are Most Powerful, Owner of everything and every creations, ya Allah. I ask from You ya Allah, to please love Tariq. And please make Tariq loves You and Your Prophets. Ya Allah, Most Loving Most Kind, please bless Tariq with beautiful manners, great personality and excellent conduct. Grant Tariq wisdom, intelligence and courage, ya Allah. Bless him with pious and righteous companions ya Allah. And bless him with a spouse whom he loves and she loves him too, and who loves her parents and Tariq's parents too, and that she raises his children in the way that pleases You, ya Allah..

Aamiin Aamiin ya Rabb, One and only God, Most Powerful, Most Loving, Most Kind..

*I know he is only 5 and asking Allah a good spouse for him seems to be too early. But I also know that I might die anytime so I want to sent this duaa forward to Allah for Tariq, from his mother who loves him so much beyond measure..