My Personal Dessert Chef - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Once a week I call him Chef Tariq. 

Coz once a week, he will be the dessert Chef at home.

I knew Tariq's interest in cooking is triggered at his Kindy Shamiza BrainyBunch Seremban Dua during their Practical Skill activity when little ones will learn to make one simple yet delicious dessert.

So when Tariq asked me if he can make cupcakes at home for the very first time, my eyes twinkle with happiness and my heart joyfully skipped a beat!

Of course can, sayang!, I told him.

And I immediately went to buy the simplest Stand Mixer suitable for little hands to operate.

One of the funniest things he said to me was when he saw his cupcakes in the oven doubled its size, he excitedly called me,

Mama!! Look!! Tariq's cupcakes already sado (macho)!!

Haha! Cupcake sado?

I guess that's what happened when we have our sons baking.

We got a Sado cupcake!

But sado cupcake or not, I do want Tariq to know how to cook and bake.

He should not think kitchen is a women's territory.

And I want him to be comfortable in the kitchen. I want him to explore the wonders of creating something from scratch. I also want him to be independent. I want him to know that cooking is not an exclusively woman's task.

And most of all, selfishly, I want him to always remember our times together when he enters the kitchen, InshaAllah.

Tariq stirring slowly making sure his jelly melts properly

When can I eat Mama.. I am hungry..

Yes, piping too! I love his cute little icing piping... so seketul seketul like that..

Pouring some flour into the mixer

Slowly and carefully pouring the hot jelly..

Carefully arranging the cupcake case. A delicate task that uses a lot of his fine motor skill..

Watching the beautiful dance mix between flour and butter

Mama!! Look!! The cupcakes are sado!!