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Sharing my Friday Duaa adapted from a couple of Prophet Muhammad's hadith..

'Ya Allah, please give barakah and blessings to my life and the life of my spouse and children, my siblings and their spouses and children, my friends and their spouses and children, and the life of all your creations. 

Ya Allah, please let us all engage in those actions that brings us closer to You and that pleases You, and in those actions that improves our lives in the hereafter; and turn us away and do not keep us busy and worry on all of those things which have been guaranteed by You (your sustenance), and do not make us use our body parts which have been given to us as a blessing from You in the way of sins; and make our primary task in this world to fulfill our duties to worship and pleases You and to be kind and beneficial to all your creations..., 

Aamiin Aamiin Aamiin ya Rabb'