In Dedication to all the Wonderful Fathers - Inspirational Story as a Parent

No love is greater than that of a father for his son..

Even if he is 50+ but when his 5-year old son asked his Baba to come color with him, he did so.

Despite the fact that he has to terbongkok2 bending down coloring, 

Despite the fact that he probably prefers to read intellectual books than coloring Spider-Man and friends, 

Despite the fact that he desperately need a good rest after a long day doing surgery and meeting patients.

Despite that, he sat on the floor doing coloring with you, Tariq.

That's love my beloved son. 

That is what we call love..


*I dedicate this post to all the wonderful fathers out there who work all day and then come back and play and spending time with their children. Salute!!