Everyday We Must Do One Thing Better Than Yesterday - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Sending and picking Tariq from school everyday is one of my favourite time of the day. 

During this short ride to school, I will get into Tariq's head and explore his thoughts, find out what's happening to him, his new interests, his concerns, his likes and dislikes, his dreams, his fantasy and angan2.. 

But more important is that during this time is the chance for me to share with him whatever my thoughts and concerns are.. coz you know...he is literally my captive audience with no where to run! Tak boleh lari kan...

However, it is not like I have an agenda everyday. I just go with the flow. Any topic comes up, that will be our conversation in the car.

So today when I was driving, I put down my window as the weather was just so beautiful MashaAllah. Air feels clean and the cool wind blowing quite strongly.

Mama, why you put down your window?, asked Tariq

The weather is great, Tariq. Just like in Perth. Feel it, I answered him

Yes Mama. So nice! said Tariq

Then he continued... Mama, when is long holiday? Tariq want to go to Perth and Finland again..

Well, it is still long time before holiday, Tariq. You must go to school many many months before holiday, I answered him

Tariq loves to go to school..., he confessed while smiling. Sejuk perut Mama.. Alhamdulillah..

That's great Tariq, (and here comes my advice)... You know sayang, as Muslims, our today must always be better than our yesterday... So how to be better today than yesterday?....Well, It can be anything... like going to school today will help Tariq learn new knowledge, so you are better today than yesterday... When you practice your swimming, your strokes will be better today than yesterday... When you read, your brain will know more stories today than yesterday.. When you are kind and help people and animals today, Allah will love you more today than yesterday... When you try new things, your today is better than yesterday..... We just need to try to do at least one thing better today than yesterday...... , Do you understand my darling, I asked him

Yes Mama, everyday we must do one thing better than yesterday, answered Tariq

And right then, we reached his school, Alhamdulillah