The Fragility of Children's Eyes - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Starting from today, I added boiled Baby Carrots with chili sauce dip into Tariq's breakfast menu.


Coz last week I brought Tariq to see an Ophthalmologist as his eyes produced some discharge. Dr Tan also did an eye test.

To my surprised, Tariq couldn't see the alphabets after the 5th line.

Dr Tan asked if Tariq played a lot of video games or iPad.

No. He doesn't have an iPad and he doesn't play video games too. He is kinda a gadget-deprived kid, I answered giving Tariq a new label.

What about books? He reads a lot of books?, continued Dr Tan

Yes, he does read a lot of books, I told her

Then, it must be the books. Children's eyesight can be affected either if playing too much games on electronic gadgets; or reading a lot of books too close to his eyes, explained Dr Tan

Ya Allah, I felt so guilty. I was really caught off-guard. If Tariq continues this way, he will need glasses sooner than later.


So, I decided to do two things- one, to keep an eye on the distance of the book Tariq hold to his eyes; and two-to make him eat lots and lots of baby carrots to help improve his vision, InshaAllah

So, to Tariq's eyes...,

we are sending loads of Beta-carotene and other vitamins and minerals your way, so heal baby heal, InshaAllah!