Brotherly Love - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Weeks back, Tariq came back from school, hugged me around my waist and said he is sad. 

When asked why, he said, 

'Mama... Tariq wants a little brother..'

I was speechless.

Quickly I said to him, 'If Tariq wants Adik, then you must make duaa to Allah. Ask from Allah to give you Adik...but... even if Allah doesn't give Tariq any Adik, it is because Allah knows Tariq is enough for Mama and Baba..okay sayang?'

Okay Mama.., Tariq answered still in a sad tone.

I think I know why. Many of his friends suddenly has new Adik.. Nazeer has Adik, Uwais has new Adik, Rafael has new Adik, Zahra has new Adik, Safiyyah has new Adik..

But Tariq? Still one and alone.

That's why when I see him showing love and tenderness; and giving attention to little ones, I am not surprised. 

In fact I am glad. And thankful.

That sometimes, there are little ones who gave a chance for Tariq to shower his big brotherly love and attention to..


Naasih mengadu reporting to Abang Tariq about something that makes him sad..

Tariq really adores Amin

Amin sharing some cerita with Abang Tariq