We just need to start the ripple - Inspirational Story as a Parent

That day, I was reflecting on my mum's vision. 

When we were small, she dreamt that all of us, especially my brother Ahmad Nazrin Imc would become a Hafiz, someone who memorizes the Quran. 

None of us could fulfill her dream then. Not me, not my brother, not my sister. It was 1970's and there wasn't much opportunity to pursue that path.

But last Monday, me and Tariq went to sent off his cousin brother Ahmad Nazhan A. Nazrin to enroll into Form One of a boarding school. 

Nazhan is my parent's 5th grandchild to enter secondary school. And it is no ordinary school. 

It is an Ulul AlBab school where the students besides pursuing academic excellence, they also will be memorizing the Quran, MashaAllah!

And what makes it more special is that Nazhan is also the 5th grandchild of my parent's who will be memorizing the Quran from our family, Alhamdulillah! 

Needless to say, we are very happy and proud of him. 

My mum has really taught us very valuable lessons. 

That as parents, we should have great vision for our kids. But don't force it unto them. Just encourage them. If they can't fulfill it, perhaps our grandchildren could. We just need to start the ripple, make duaa and let Allah do the rest..

I keep imagining how happy my parents souls are as the angels keep bringing them the reward of their vision coming from all their grandchildren into their grave... inshaAllah Aamiin! 💖

My brother and his heroes

Tariq getting a feel of hostel bed.. he said he likes it!