'Throw the Goggles' Game Whilst Swimming - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I love to play the 'Throw the Goggles' game with Tariq when he is swimming. 

The great benefits of this game are that 1- it is so much fun; and 2- Tariq will overcome his 'No, I cant do it' with 'Yes, I can do it'

How to play the game is that when I throw the goggle into the pool, Tariq will have to dive in, swim and pick up the goggle from the swimming pool floor which is 1.8meter deep!

And because he is a Kungfu Panda who swims, we invented new terminologies to determine how far I should throw the goggles away from him

So, if I just throw the goggle within one meter from him, we call it Peanuts. Because it is so Kacang Putih (easy peasy) for him.

A bit further we called Sandwich. Coz Sandwich is a bit difficult to make. Thus the distance is a harder for him.

Next is called Burger. Coz Burger is much difficult to make than Sandwich. Ehem.

Further than Burger is called Steak. And the furthest distance I will throw the goggle from him is called BBQ. I think you can all guess why..

Maybe I should not wonder why my son is always hungry when he swims... 😂😂...