Teaching Children about Death - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Last Friday was Tariq's movie night. So we went to Speedy and he chose to buy a Spider-Man's movie. 

And early Sunday this morning, he came up to me and asked with a very sad voice and a much sadder eyes.. 

Mama...why the girl in the Spider-Man's movie die..?

My brain went spinning, then I took a deep breath and answered him

Tariq, everyone in this world will die one day. Mama will die. Baba will die. And Tariq will die. Because Allah sent us to this world just for temporary.. temporary means just for a short time.. then we all die.. after we die, where do we go? 

I don't know, answered Tariq

Well, when we die we all will go to Akhirat World.. In this Akhirat World, there are two planets... One is Planet Paradise and the other is Planet HellFire.. if you are good human, you make solat, you are kind to other humans, you are kind to animals, you love Allah and Rasullullah, you read Quran then Allah says you can go to Planet Paradise... if someone is not soleh, hurt other human and animals... Allah will sent him to Planet HellFire...

Oh... Tariq want to go to Planet Paradise Mama! 

Haha, Aamiin InshaAllah..

Mama, which Planet this girl will go Mama? continued Tariq 

We don't know Tariq...Only Allah knows which Planet everyone will go to..

Then Tariq said, Tariq thinks this girl will go to Planet Paradise Mama... because if this movie show she prays and read Quran and be kind to human and animals, the movie will be very long... 

Hahaha, alright darling. That's a very good point!

*and off he went happy because Spider-Man's girl friend went to Planet Paradise!😂❤💖