Strengthening the Bond Between Cousins - Inspirational Story as a Parent

One of the things my dad keep reminding me is to always keep strengthening the bond and love between Tariq and his cousins, and vice versa.

Tariq must know that they are his brothers and sisters.., and that they always got his back.., said my dad

I know why my dad keeps reminding me.

He doesn't want Tariq to feel he is lacking of siblings. He wants us to instill the importance of kinship in all his grandchildren. He knew that maintaining love, compassion and kindness amongst kinship will bring wealth, health and His Rahmah to us..

That's Allah promise.. 

So every opportunity we get, we will make a trip to his cousins. And they will spend days at Tariq's home too. It is especially more during school holidays.

So this school holiday, we decided to take the kids to Legoland.

We spend almost 8 hours in there and what a superb time they had! 

They played, they argued, they make up, they play again and argue again and make up again. 

And that's the process of building love and friendship amongst kins!

Entry to Legoland!
Underwater photo. Great pose everyone!
And we are in!!

Hi there!
This is Tariq's fav attraction!