Birds of Mekah - Inspirational Story as a Parent

When we travel with Tariq, we especially try to make sure that we tailor our itinerary alongside his interests. 

So, what could be one of the things kids like Tariq could enjoy on a spiritual-focus trip to Mekah?

The birds of Mekah!

Yes. Absolutely.

Tariq really loves the birds here. I think they are pigeons. And known by the Meccan as Pigeons of Al-Hema.

These lovely birds live alongside the streets, roadsides and roofs of buildings. They roam and fly freely at the Grand Mosque, and being fed by the passerby there. They co-exist with human harmoniously. MashaAllah.

Tariq just loves these greyish-whitish-greenish bird.

He never passed any opportunities to feed them, chase them, stand in he midst of the birds or just simply let the birds come to him.

Once when we were sitting in front of Kaabah and saw the birds roaming around it, I asked Tariq..

Did you see any birds poop here, Tariq?

No, Mama.. why they don't poop here?

The birds know that this is Kaabah. This is Allah's House. So they do not pooped inside the Masjid, they don't poop outside the Masjid too. And they sure don't poop on the Kaabah.. Amazing, right?, I answered him

Ha'ah Mama.. the bird here are awesome. Not like the birds at home. Kesian Mama... Birds in Malaysia tu pooped on Mama's car all the time, said Tariq


Yes Tariq. Kesian kan Mama's poor car. Always being pooped on by the birdies at home..

 One of Tariq favourite things in Mekah- chasing the birds

Here he comes!
Tariq goes to anywhere the birds are flocking
The hunter and the his prey!
Fly birdie fly!!
Here Tariq comes!
I love this picture. Taken simply with my iPhone. What a lucky shoot!
Tariq jumping happily in the midst of bird's food