Tariq's Kindergarten Year End Concert - Inspirational Story about Being Continuous

Last weekend we attended Tariq's kindergarten year end concert. We had so much fun watching the children's performances. Really, their teachers deserve a standing ovation.

But what shocked both of us the most is how Tariq and his friends were able to memorize and recite fluently Verses 45-52 from Surah Abraham both in Arabic and English translation. SubhanAllah!

When we told Tariq how amazing he was, he asked me, Mama and Baba tak tau?(Mama and Baba don't know?)

Errr, no darling, we don't... You can teach Mama okay, I answered to cover my line..

This is one of the miracles of the Quran. Time and again, people from all ages are able to memorize its verses.

It doesn't even matter if you don't understand what the Verses means, you will still be able to memorize them. You don't even have to know Arabic. You don't even have to have super memory.

I asked Tariq's teacher, Aunty Fatin how did she get Tariq to memorize the verses. She explained to me the simple method they used in Brainy Bunch. In summary, it is by repetition.

It is okay that Tariq is just parroting at his age. It is okay he still has no clue what he is reciting yet.

But InshaAllah we hope when the right time comes, he will start learning and understanding what those beautiful verses really mean.

Super cute in their tarbus

Tariq waiting to take picture with Uwais, one of his BFF who will be leaving Brainy Bunch to be in Standard One next year