Please say Aamin to this prayer - Motivational and Inspirational Stories from My Twitter Tweets and Facebook

I was at the mall waiting for a friend today. After a while suddenly I heard a sobbing sound next to me. 

I looked to my right and saw a woman, sitting at the edge of the bench, head down while her right hand covering most of her face. While her left hand was holding her phone to her ear. 

She was talking to someone. And she was sobbing uncontrollably too. 

Her voice.. oh her voice.. was so sad. Her voice makes me want to cry with her. I wish I could hug her there and then. But that would be really inappropriate. I know..

She spoke in Mandarin. And although I don't understand that language, I could feel the pain in her voice. I could feel the heartache she is in. I could feel the misery surrounding her.

I knew I had to do something for her. That's when I saw she was just wiping her tears with her hands.

So I walked to a pharmacy and got a pack of tissues. When I got back to her, I bent just a little so she can see my hand giving her the tissue. She said thank you. I touched her shoulder gently and walked away.

I sat a bit far from her, closed my eyes and read a little prayer for her.

'Ya Allah, my Lord Most Loving, Most Kind, Most Merciful...I don't know her name. I don't know her pain. I don't know her misery. But You know ya Allah. Please cure her from her sadness. Please relief her from her burden. Please heal her wound. And please restore calmness and peace in her heart, O Allah...'

Please say Aamin to this prayer I made for this woman I saw today..