Negotiating and Balance of Power - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I believed that when it comes to Tariq, me and his Baba must try to show him there is an equal balance of 'power' between us. 

As most of the time Tariq is with me, so during our family outings on weekends, I always make him ask his dad for anything he wants.

So that day, again, Tariq had to present his case to his Baba on why he needs that Tanglung Transformer. 

His dad is a tougher cookie than I am so I have a good time giggling away watching Tariq negotiating his way with his dad.

And there is always always something that Tariq must promise his dad before he can get whatever he wants.

Honestly, sometimes I do feel kesian watching Tariq cracking his brain trying to reason out his request with his dad. 

But, hey, he needs to learn how to negotiate sooner or later, doesn't he? 

So why not start now with one of the toughest and objective-no nonsense negotiator on the planet, his Baba..😂

Baba, can I buy the Transformer toys, pleaseee.. ( Just look at his Baba's facial expression. Like a Judge listening to the Lawyer making his case! scary... )

All right Baba! It is a deal! Tariq promise!

Thank you Baba... I love youuuu
Hope the deal you strike with Baba was worth it, Tariq!