Learning Rejection and Confidence - Inspirational Stories from the KL - Palestine Film Festival 2016

Last weekend, Tariq and a few of his beloved cousins volunteered at Kuala Lumpur Palestine Film Festival 2016 in Publika. Alhamdulillah. After I explained to them the purpose of this year fund raising i.e. To raise money for mobile Clinic and purchase of milk, I assigned them to distribute VPM flyers to the mall goers.

After a few hours, Tariq came back to me. So I asked him how was it. 

'Some people don't want to take from Tariq, Mama..' he said with sad eyes

'But did some take from you?' I asked him

'Yes, some people take from me' he answered still in sad voice..

Immediately I hugged him and said, 

'That's awesome sweetheart. It is okay if there are people who did not take the flyers from you, but for those who took from Tariq, Tariq has helped your Palestinian friends to buy some milk! And that's really cool. Well done my darling. Mama am so proud of you'

Giving flyers to strangers seems like a small thing. But I absolutely love the training it provides for Tariq. 

It makes him understand that not everyone will take or like what he offers, it helped him learn to handle rejection, it builds his confidence, it help instill courage in him and it teaches him communication. And to do it in support of a noble humanitarian cause, makes it much sweeter. 

My help managed to capture some pictures of Tariq doing his part for Palestine, but these here are my favourite. The kind guy took time to interview Tariq and ask questions, then took the brochure and patted him, giving Tariq the much needed confidence to continue distributing the flyers.

Thank you kind soul for that little chat you had with him. I appreciate it all so much ❣️

The interview session. So sweet

Tariq walked up to the person himself..

This melts my heart

Abang Nazhan was responsible to train his two little brothers last weekend. Nazhan is a seasoned VPM Volunteer who has been helping VPM since he was about like 7 years old. Told him since I have been training him, now it is time for him to 'download' his knowledge to both Tariq and Nazeer too. And I must say, Nazhan did awesome!! Thanks sayang

Hope Tariq has answered the Uncle's questions correctly!