FreeMarket for Kids Day - Inspirational Story about the Value of Giving

Yesterday we had a great day. We got a full charge of endorphins inside our body Alhamdulillah! 

It was a FreeMarket for Kids Day when kids from all walks of life are given an opportunity to get something they want. There is something for everybody.

To get ready for the event, I got Tariq to sort out all his toys into two categories- Category 'Tariq still wants to play with it' vs Category 'Tariq wants to let my new friend play with it'. I gave Tariq the full power to make the choice coz, let's face it, the toys are his. 

A few of my friends and neighbors also donated quite a handful of items. Thanks you all! You know who you are! 😘

For me, FreeMarket is an amazing event. 

Besides the obvious donation opportunity, it gives me a great platform to teach Tariq the value of giving. 

Tariq learns to depart with something he loves. Or used to love.

It teaches Tariq that material things are just that. Material. It gives him a limited time frame of joy and that's it. 

It teaches Tariq that when he gives, he is making his new friend happy.

Most of all, it teaches him that when he gives, when he makes someone happy, Allah will reward him with more and more. And Allah will love him more and more. 

And whenever I say that, it will always make his eyes sparkle with happiness and he will grin ear to ear. Lol. Alhamdulillah

Coloring books, color pencils, stationeries, books etc

Happy crowd!

Awesome display of items for donation

All donation items now are gone and have new owners Alhamdulillah!

We got pampers, baby bottles, baby shampoo, baby lotions too

Can I have that please? Someone find something he loves. Yeay!!

With Syed Azmi looking great and happy holding the little batman soft toy

This display of toys done by Princess Umairah Syafiqah makes them look extra awesome!

Tariq is making a tough call..

Where would this go to? Does this toy join the toys on the sofa for me to give away or into the basket for me to keep... hmmmm

Thank you! A happy recipient

My happy little and not so little helpers yesterday. Thanks for helping Mama out darlings!!

Tariq sorting out his toys which we lambak at the middle of the living hall. It was a tough process for him!

Kids clothing section

Can I have this please.. is the expected question by the crowd


My kids helping sorting out and arranging the items. Thanks Princess and Abang Hazim!

Our items goes off really fast! Alhamdulillah!