The Film 'Oversized Coat' - Stories from the KL - Palestine Film Festival 2016

The film’s title is from a Palestinian metaphor about carrying a responsibility that is too heavy. As a child, the protagonist had always wanted to wear his father’s coat and the coat takes center stage in the opening and closing scenes. 

Oversized Coat takes a look at life under Israeli occupation in a small village in the West Bank. It takes audiences through the two ’intifadas’, the Oslo Agreement and other significant moments between 1987 and 2011. The director tries to impart a humanitarian message from the Palestinian perspective, showing the viewers that behind the walls and international propaganda beat ordinary Palestinian hearts longing for ordinary lives like everyone else.

Interestingly, Oversized Coat was funded through a campaign launched by the filmmaker himself called “One Hundred Cinema” where 70 Palestinian businessmen donated USD1,000 each towards its making.

Showing on both days of KLPFF2016 between 3.15-5.15pm