The Story of Tariq with a Bird - Inspirational Story of Wisdom behind Advice

Mama Mama! Tariq want to show you something... Now close your eyes, Tariq excitedly said from behind the kitchen door

I could hear him tip toeing slowly towards me.

Okay Mama... Now you can open your eyes...

And right at that second, he gently lift up his cute little hand, revealing a tiny bird sitting right on his chubby little finger..

.... I have a bird, Mama... Tariq said, almost whispering to me with a twinkle in his eyes 

SubhanAllah! It is amazing how much pleasure little kids can get from playing with animals. 

My dad had always said to keep Tariq close to nature and close to animals. Animals will teach his heart to be compassionate, teach him how to love, teach him to be kind and will teach him how to be responsible.

Thank you dad, you are right. As always. I can see the wisdom behind your advice today..

Close your eyes...

Little Tariq with his tiny bird

Tariq gently revealing the tiny bird to me..