Mamarazzi! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

A few months after Tariq was born, my husband was so amused with my new hobby and decided to give me a new title. It was a title he gave by inventing a totally new word himself! 

He said, because Tariq called me Mama; and I kinda documented almost every single thing that the then Baby Tariq does via my camera, he then 'bestowed' upon me the super cute title of....

..... Mamarazzi!'

Well, it is 5 years now and I am still a Mamarazzi to both of them!

The difference now is that Tariq joined his dad giggling at me everytime I start snapping their pictures.

But you know what? If I am not a Mamarazzi, I won't be able to capture all these precious moments, Kan? Kan? Kan?

Hail to all Mamarazzi, Ummirazzi, Iburazzi and Mummyrazzi in this world! 

In our cameras, lies the treasures of our priceless family memories alhamdulillah!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻