Eid Mubarak Raya Story One

I love the Eid Takbeer. It always bring a mix feeling of joy, tranquility and serenity to my heart.

And as I can only say it twice a year, I always take full advantage of the opportunity by continuously making the Raya Takbeer throughout the eve night and day of Eid.

So there I was, saying the Takbir Raya for the umpteenth time when suddenly Tariq interrupted me as I was saying,

'La ilaaha ill-Allah wahdah, sadaqa wa‘dah..' (There is no god but Allah alone; He fulfilled His promise..)

.... Mama, Tariq tapped my shoulder while looking into my eyes with great concern.

Yes baby, what's wrong? I asked

Mama..., Mama must say 'Sadaqa Allah ul 'Azim.... Not Saqada wa'dah...

How can I not go LOL?