Eid Mubarak Raya Story Three

Morning of 'Eid is a very precious time for me.

My dad has trained us all to wake up super duper early regardless of whatever time we slept the night before, then my mum would take us for our ghusl bath for Eid, we would wear our new Eid clothes and eat some dates before leaving for the masjid for Eid prayers.

But there is one very important and beautiful tradition Malaysians do during Eid. That is asking for forgiveness from our loved ones.

For my family, we do that before we leave for Solat Eid-ul Fitri. Some families do it after the prayers.

My parents would seek forgiveness from one another, and my siblings would seek forgiveness from our parents and from one another too. We would hug, kiss and tears of regret and love will fall too.

It is what we call kosong kosong moment, which means zero zero. It literally means I bear no grudges against you and I forgive you if you have hurt me etc totally (zero) and you too, hold no grudges against me and you forgive me totally (zero).

That is why the Eid greetings in Malaysia is 'Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin'. Selamat Hari Raya is Eid Mubarak. Maaf means sorry. Zahir is physical which means what you can see And Batin is non physical which means what you cannot see. Beautiful, isn't it?

And this Eid as I continue to teach Tariq this beautiful tradition, after he asked for forgiveness from me, I added a 15 seconds elevator speech of how much we love him, that he is Anak Soleh who loves to pray and read Quran, that he is a good boy who loves Allah, Prophet Muhammad, Mama and Baba. That we want him to continue to be kind to people, help the poor, love the animals, keep reading books etc etc.

And we end it with a big hug, with him patting my back, which is quite funny actually. As if he is saying to me, now now Mama... Don't cry... Keep yourself together.. Huhu

What to do Tariq.. Your Mama is easily smonel..

*These two pictures are the first picture Tariq's Baba ever snapped without being asked to do so. That makes it super special for me. Thanks darling for capturing this precious moment