Eid Mubarak Raya Story Seven

We were just about to leave home on the third day of Eid to start our journey to visit our late parent's kampung both in NS and Johor.

This was then Tariq came walking towards me with a full smile across his face. 

I immediately knew he was up to something.. 

Mama... Tariq have something for you.. I got you a flower! Tariq said happily

Awww, thank you darling.. I love it!, I said to him

One second later, being a typical mum, my eyes went straight to his shirt.


My heart shriek. Oh no.. Got stain already? And we haven't even started our journey yet.. 

Thoughts are firing in my head.

But just like that, I decided to zip mouth and not say anything about the stain on his shirt. Not to query where he got that stain from. To buat buat tak nampak. And not to get upset.

We should all treasure the moments we have by focusing what's really important - for this is the gesture of love via the flower from Tariq

Never mind his shirt has stain, never mind if he dirtied himself, never mind we don't get the perfect picture on the 3rd day - never mind all the petty things in life.

I must always remember to always focus and refocus at the most important things - the moment, the love, the gesture and the thought..

Thank you my love for your beautiful flower which you plucked from Mama's garden.. 

Oh, and never mind my garden.. 

Life is so much sweeter and happier this way