Eid Mubarak Raya Story Five

Last night Tariq's Baba thought that Tariq had eaten too much since the first day of Eid.

So he decided to help Tariq shed off some grams.

Lie on the bed Tariq, said his dad. Baba wants to teach you do some sit up and pumping.

So little Tariq obligingly lie on the bed and started to follow his Baba's instructions. I was just giggling away.

Okay, now you do 100 times, said his Baba

What?! 100 times Baba? 

Tariq almost pengsan when he heard that

Yes, 100..., said his dad. Not giving in.

Come one.. Don't waste time.. 

So up and down Tariq went. 

One... Two... Three..., Tariq started counting

... Four... Five... Six... Seven.... Eight... Nine... Ten....

and that's when Tariq seems to have lost his mathematical skills,

...Fifteen.. Twenty... Thirty five... Sixty... One hundred!! 

Terguling2 I was laughing at both Tariq and his dad.

Needless to say, his dad was not entirely amused. But his Mama was!