Eid Mubarak Raya Story Eight

I saw this moist fruit cake that day and immediately remembered my mum.

It has always been my mum's tradition to bring her delicious moist steamed fruit cakes as gifts for the hosts we were visiting during Eid. Every house we visit would receive a portion of her cake.

When I was younger, we used to bake the cakes together. My mum loves making home made cookies and cakes so there we were, having fun in her kitchen every Ramadan.

Then one year, she thought I have earned my Master Chef in Steamed Fruit Cake and decided I should take over the whole baking thingy. 

It was then I lovingly spent four long hours to make one whole fruit cake and mind you, I need loads of cakes for all the houses my dad and mum plan to visit during Eid.

Then, time passed and people's taste changes.

I still bring gifts for all the houses we visit, but it is now it is the easier to bake type of gift- Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

So no matter what they are, InshaAllah I will continue this wonderful tradition my mum has started in our family. 

Which is to always bring gifts for the hosts we are visiting as there are tons of happiness in giving. 

For them, the recipient and for us, the one giving. That is a family tradition I hold close to my heart..

So, it used to be Steam Fruit Cake. And now it is Chocolate Chip Cookies. I wonder what would the gift be by the future generation InshaAllah..