Ramadan is more then just fasting

Today Tariq clocked his personal best time of 1 min 10 seconds lap and did a total of 10 laps at the pool!

So no, Ramadan is not about sitting idle not doing anything just because we are fasting. It is about training. Training our soul, body, heart and mind to achieve higher level of self awareness and God consciousness.

So here we are, me and Tariq on a Saturday morning at his swimming class with his amazing Coach Irene Hisham for her 7am class!

And Tariq refused to eat breakfast and still insist on fasting. He has been fasting everyday between 4-8 hours voluntarily since Ramadan Day 1, Alhamdulillah. I didn't even asked him to do so.

I have so happy to experience Ramadan this year with Tariq. Besar dah my little Kungfu Panda Alhamdulillah

My duaa is that May Tariq and all our children learn and understand the wisdom and training behind Ramadan and Fasting.

Still smiling even after an hour session has passed

Tariq made his first swim with his senior classmates today. His time here was 1 min and 15 seconds. Well done darling!!

Rest sekejap

Go go Tariq!