Part of Ibadah

I was reading my Quran when this little Kungfu boy came right in front of me and said,
Mama, can you read this book for me? Pleaseeeeeee

Alamak, it's Ramadan, and I really want to be on track with my recitation. I have a target and right now it's supposed to be my recitation time according to my schedule.

Do I really want to read a superhero Spiderman vs the baddest villain Dr Doom book?

But then, the very next second I remembered that Tariq is my responsibility. Raising him is an ibadah for me. Talking to him, playing with him, having fun with him are all part of ibadah.

Much like the reward mummies get for cooking for her household etc etc.

But Allah is Most Kind and Most Gracious. He gave us so many ways to please Him, to earn His reward.

So I read through the whole book cover to cover; and to Tariq's delight, his Spiderman saved the world, again!