'O my Lord, grant me a pious son'

Alhamdulillah 17th Ramadan is here again, and every 17th Ramadan I am thankful to Allah for two special things.

The first is Nuzul Al Quran which means the day when Allah brought down His Verses to guide mankind.

The second is this was the day Tariq was born Alhamdulillah

He is 5 years now Alhamdulillah. So handful, very curious and very entertaining little chap.

I used to be able to hold him in my arms when he was lighter but now so heavy so the best I can do is let him sit on my lap. Huhu

And I make a special duaa for him every year from His Holy Book, al Quran from Surah al-Saffat, verse 100,

'O my Lord, grant me a pious son'