The Importance of Teachers - Inspirational Story as a Parent

My late dad has always impressed upon us the respect and love we should have for our teachers. 

He had his own personal story and had repeated that story over and over again, year after year, to make sure all of us, his children, do not repeat that same history.

And once he asked me, did you include in your prayers duaa for your teachers? I said, no dad. Include them, he said. And since that day I did..

And now, it is time for me to pass down the same values to Tariq. 

I want him to start understanding how important teachers are for him. And who these teachers are in the eyes of Allah. 

This year Tariq is big enough to make his own teachers day card. It was a simple card though. Just some love and flower stamps with his name 'signed' there. But I want him to do it himself as gesture of deep appreciation towards his teachers.

And to all Tariq's beloved aunties in BrainyBunch Seremban Dua, teachers in BeeBop Circus and Al Baghdadi and coach Irene Hisham , and everyone celebrating this important day,

Happy Teacher's Day!! We cannot thank you enough. You guys are really special people and may Allah reward each and everyone of you with the best and highest reward in this world and hereafter! Thank you thank you thank you dearest teachers! 😘💝❤️🎊🎈💖🎉🌟🎀😘
Parents of Brainy Bunch are super creative when it comes to cakes!
Tariq working hard preparing his personalized Teacher's Day card for every of his Aunties. Good job Tariq!
Yum yum! Tariq and all his cute friends enjoying their homemade Chocolate Oreo ice cream
Tariq with his BFF in school, Aysa with their Aunties
Please have one. Tariq going around with his Candy basket offering chocolates to his friends
Hello Princesses! Tariq's sweet giggly friends
Tariq sweet Aunties who are always smiling
Now is the time to stick the cards to the gifts
Can I have one? Help yourself! I wanted to teach Tariq the art of communication by asking him to carry that basket
Hi cutie pies!!
With Uwais, another BFF in school. That is Chocolate Oreo ice cream they have in hand
Thank you for teaching Tariq, Aunties