The Importance of Platime - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Play is the job of a child. I totally believe in that. Never mind la if the house is a bit messy. We just have to pretend we don't see it. 

So tonight Tariq said he is 'driving' a rocket. About to blast off to the moon. He took my mineral water carton box and sat inside it. It almost crack, which makes it even more hilarious. 

Minutes later, he persuaded my helper to carry him in the box, coz you know, he wanted to blast off!

Kesian my helper. Semput angkat Tariq.

Once she successfully lift him up to blast off, I asked Tariq,

So if you are the astronaut, the box is the rocket, who is Kakak?

Tariq thought for a few seconds and said,

She is the fire!!


Diana Ackerman is right when she said, Play is our brain's favourite way of learning

Alhamdulillah indeed💖💖
Rocket is warning up..
Tariq pressing some buttons to activate his rocket
Mama, I can see the earth from up here!