Responsibility of Being the Only Child - Inspirational Story as a Parent

As usual, when I take Tariq with me, he will ask of my plan of that day. 

Mama, what are we going to do today?

Well, first Mama need to buy some material to make my dress, then we go to Mama's tailor, Aunty May. After that Mama needs to visit my dentist to check my teeth, then we go get Baba's birthday gift. After that we go home okay..?

Lamanya! (So many chores!), he shrieked

Well, you have to teman (accompany) Mama everywhere I go. Especially if Baba is not around like today. Tariq must learn to follow Mama, go with Mama to the places Mama want to go to, walk with Mama. Also you must be happy doing it okay. And Who will teman Mama if not Tariq? Mama only has one child, Tariq je anak Mama..., I skillfully tried to emotional blackmail him

Tariq paused for a few seconds and said,

Mama ambik lagi satu anak la..( Mama get another child la)

I guess he just realized the heavy responsibility of being the only child!