One Fine, Hot Afternoon! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

When the afternoon is hot, what do you do? You go for a swim!

Tariq went with his cousins for a dip in an indoor pool today thanks to his rajin melayan uncle Pak Ndak 

Faizal Khalid & co. 

And what a blast they had.

If you are in Batu Pahat, do not miss this attraction - Wonderland Swimming Pool. It is an indoor pool with both kids pool and adult pool connected. They have a couple of water slides too!

And the thing that is really cool about this indoor pool is that it is not just an ordinary indoor swimming pool. The whole place is designed as if we are all sitting in a jungle with actual waterfall as the background. And the lighting complements the whole jungle concept too.

Best part? Super cheap to get our kids in here. Just RM6 for kids and RM12 for adults. 

Swimming is a highly recommended skill by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Let's make sure our kids learn it! 🏊🏻🏊🏻🏊🏻💗💗
Tariq with his cousins Aisyah and Mia

Most visitors went home already but Tariq and his cousins swam till the final whistle blows!

Can you see the waterfall behind the slides

Aisyah and Mia laughing at Tariq's antics

The divider between kids and adults section