Durian, the King of Fruits!

This weekend I just learn that Musang King Durian actual name is Mau Shan King Durian! Which means Durian Kunyit coz it is so yellow! Omg

We found that out when we took Tariq and his cousins, Kakak Qasih and Adik Iman to a Durian Farm in Penang so we can show him what a durian tree looks like. They were so amazed to see how tall the durian trees are. 

Tariq absolutely loves durian and flash news, now we are in durian season again! What can I say about this King of Fruits? 

Durian is the case of to each is his own. Some may love it, some just couldn't stand it.

To all durian lovers out there, come to Penang, in particular Kg Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau, Penang for a real cheap and the best durian in the country. The same one which you have to pay RM70-RM150 per kg when it reaches KL, but you just cost you RM20-RM40 here.

Bargain? Absolutely!

'...Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you both deny!...'

Tariq's first time water drinking from the Durian. An old guide to reduce the body heat resulting from eating durian. Thanks Bapak for helping Tariq take that sip!
Breathtaking Alhamdulillah.. — at Dusun Durian Balik Pulau.
Tariq with Kakak Qasih enjoying Mau Shan King Durian. So yummy!
One of the many places selling these delicious durians
If you can see the small durian. Tariq called them baby durian!
Look at the texture..
We came late in the afternoon. The Durians almost sold out!
Peace! Best Durian ever
So happy after durian eating session with Kakak Qasih!
The King of Fruits