Much Laughter - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Tariq's Baba Hamid Sain and myself were having our usual 'how was your day' conversation last night and he said' ...and I felt so thirsty so I decided to drink...' 

Suddenly, a loud voice from under the blanket screamed enthusiastically...

'Thirsty one, thirsty two, thirsty three, thirsty four, thirsty five, thirsty six, thirsty seven, thirsty eight, thirsty nine, forty, forty one...'

We looked at one another and couldn't help but burst into laughter and Tariq's head popped out from the blanket and looking all confused and asked innocently... Why, Why... Why Mama and Baba laugh?

Tariq, you always make our days (and nights) so much better darling!