Fear is in the Mind - Inspirational Story as a Parent

It was a big day for Tariq yesterday. Alhamdulillah after a few months of swimming class (with a bit of ponteng here and there) he graduated from baby pool. And he swam the whole 50 meters at the deepest side of the adult pool. While his is dearest Coach Irene was by his side the whole time.

I was so happy I literally jumped off my seat in joy when it happened.

And even though yes I was ecstatic when Tariq swam, what is more important for me is that Tariq has learned yesterday that fear can be overcome. Fear is just in his mind and imagination. He learnt that he can do something if he believes her can. And he must first give something a go before saying he can't.

Well done Tariq. Mama so proud of you!!🎊👍🏻🎉😍💖🏊🏻

And thanks again Coach Irene Hisham for all your patience and hard work 😍💖🌹
On his own..

Now ready to jump into the pool for the second time! Without his board

Coach Irene giving Tariq the encouragement and pep talk

Now swimming without his board!
 You can hear Tariq crying on this first leg. Still terrified