Dejavu indeed - Inspirational Story as a Parent

This is where I was raised by my parents. And tonight I had my childhood dejavu. It is about 10pm at night and the football field is still active. Not with footballers but with groups of kids and teenagers practicing Malay Martial Arts. And for the toddlers, they are swinging and having fun at the playground. Some are playing catch. Far right, if you can see, young boys are playing futsal. Far left not in this picture, is our Surau. Our prayer place. The faithfuls are still there. And that big hall in the background is where the badminton lovers play their games. Surrounding this vibrant field are parents and families sitting, chatting and just spending time together on the benches watching their kids play. Kids here are not on gadget tonight. And this is what I love about it. This is the place where I grew up. And Tariq is there playing on the same field I played once. Dejavu indeed..