This Room Got Human - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Last night as we were preparing for bed, Tariq's Baba asked him... Tariq, do you want to sleep in your room? 

No, don wan Baba...answered Tariq. But why, asked his Baba...This is Baba's and Mama's room. We sleep here. Tariq big boy already. You must start sleeping in your own room, his Baba trying to rationalized with Tariq. 

No Baba... I don wan... Okay, why don't you want to sleep in your own room? asked his Baba again..

Tariq looked straight into his Baba's eyes and said, Becoz this room got human..Tariq's room got no human...

I couldn't help myself and burst into laughter.

Within seconds Tariq corrected himself.. Family! Family! Here got family! There no family!, that's better... Lol

His Baba was too flabbergasted to even reply.

Case closed (for now)