Best of Friends - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Today my FB pulled up my posting of Tariq's Best Cousin Forever's (BCF) birthday in 2012. I got to see the picture I posted of them when they just turn one year old. 

Time really flies, and so very fast. 

And today Nazeer turned 5 MashaAllah. Our little rabbit, that's what I called him sometimes. 

Mama Baba Tariq Ibu Ayah Kakak Abang Kak Sya and Al Fateh all prays that Zeer grows into Anak soleh yang super sweet, be the apple of our eyes, the dew for the Ummah and the protector of Allah's Deen, Aamiin... 

And to both of you, Nazeer and Tariq, 

Always remember that Grandpa always pray that both of you to stick together and be there for one another....

May Allah makes both of you the best of friends and the like of Prophet Muhammad and Caliph Abu Bakar, Prophet Moses and Prophet Aaron; and Prophet Jesus and Prophet John, amen.....

Happy 5th Birthday Zeer, we love you so so very much!😘🎉💝🎂🎊🎈🌟❤️😍